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Why Businesses Choose SAHAR?


Decades of Experience 

SAHAR was established in 1980 and have been working on a diverse array of projects. Each with its own unique requirement. Such experience counts in Builidng complex technology 


Qualified Engineers in Diverse Fields

Only the best Engineers are selected to work with SAHAR. Skilled people are critical in any project and can be the difference between success and failure


No Compromises

Compromising on Service and Quality will be costly in long run.  SAHAR avoids such shortcuts and provides clients with the best! 


Different Businesses


Projects Completed



Creative Solutions

Every problem is solvable with great minds and technology. Below are just a few examples. For more click here


Solar Power Cold Storage

Built for Area with little or no power. Solar power is stored in batteries and later used for cooling or freezing. This Technology was Pioneered by SAHAR 


Mezzanine Office Deck 

Required inside a food processing plant. Strict safety protocols had to be followed while production was going on. Very high hygiene standards


Customized Water Chiller

Specially designed water chiller for High ambient. Was built to withstand 55 Celcius in the harshest environments. Efficiency and Reliability was the top priority. 


Monitoring and Automation

Client wanted full remote acess and control of their factory. Alarm systems would immediately alert everyone via SMS and calls. 


Blast Freezer 

Specially Designed Blast freezer for food products. High Efficiency and Reliability. -40C of continuous operation. 


IT Design and Services

Client required  a robust and secure IT system with Cloud access and VPN. Custom company software required for employee management. 

Our Clients are Valuable. We wouldn't be able to create ground breaking solutions and technologies without them. Togther we help the overall community and build the economy - C.E.O 

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